Urban Wildlife Rescue


Rebrand an existing company


branding, UI


Fall 2014

Urban Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates wildlife. After researching with my team—Ana Arriaga, Natalie Panchenko, and Irina Pershina—the organization’s objectives, treatment, and competitors, I wanted to focus the rebranding around co-existence, care, and human-wildlife interaction.


Co-existence. Care. Human-wildlife interaction.

Logo Development

Usage Guidelines

Clear Space
Text and secondary elements must always align to either edges of the ‘z’ space within the mark.
Inverted logo usage
When the logo is on a colored background, the logo must always be one solid color. It is recommended the color be white. The overall contrast cannot be very low; this would be considered a misuse of the logo. 
Secondary Elements
Geometrical shapes are reminiscent of architecture and cityscapes. Therefore, rectangles are used to reflect buildings and the rigidness of urban life.

The textured image consists of a road photograph overlaid on top a watercolor image. The watercolor image denotes wildlife and the organic style of nature, while the photograph denotes the urban aspect of Urban Wildlife Rescue.